NAHO ISHII is an interdisciplinary artist based in Tokyo, Japan on March 16, 1991.
NAHO’s artistic career began in 2011, when Japan was struck by a huge earthquake. It was an event that forced NAHO to confront the innocent and massive power of the earth, and at the same time, to confront the fragility of human society.The uncontrollable flow of the over-developed human society, and the massive chaos of the earth that swallows up the human society, NAHO thinks that theme by drawing, not by words. NAHO expresses the fusion of fractal structure and human society in various mediums. NAHO’s artwork invite you to think about the difference between the structure of human society and the nature of the original universe.But NAHO is not a naive naturalist. All of her works contain a sense of love and grief for the fragile structure of society.